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Welcome to the Classifieds. Got something you want to sell? Looking to buy? This is the place! And you can place your classified ad for FREE! for two weeks.

Instructions for Using the Classifieds

Submitting Your Classified Ad
To submit your classified ad, fill out the form below completely and select "Post a New Ad". If the form is not filled out completely, your ad will not be added to the system. When done, select "Postad" located at the bottom of the page.

Viewing Classified Ads
To view classified ads, select one of the departments available to view. Then, select "ViewAds" at the bottom of the Table.

Removing your Classified Ads
If you have posted a classified ad and wish to remove it at any time, i.e.if your product has been sold then please Click Here

Which department do you want your ad to be placed in or you would like to view?

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Food & Beverage Games & Graphics
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Holidays & More Home Business
Internet Related Kids & Toys
Misc. Music & E-tainment
Nature & Animals Professional Service
Religion & Schools Retail Shops
Sports Tourism & Travel
Web & Design

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